Welcome. If you have just started to diabolo then you have come to the right place. Below are the instructions for the first things you need to learn like getting the diabolo started up to basic tricks like "around the stop-overs/trapezes" Use the links below to jump to a trick or just scroll down. Also it is a good idea to learn the cross arm accelerating as soon as possible.(REMEMBER the trix are written for right handed people if you are left handed swap the rights for lefts etc.)
Position Start upCorrectionsChange of Orientation ThrowSunsPirouette SunSuns to the Side Around one ArmAround one LegTieAround one Foot Flea/String bouncesStick GrindsCross-Arm AcceleratingAround the World Stopovers/TrapezeChinese SuicideInverse TrapezeWrapped TrapezesAlternating TrapezesStacked TrapezesSun ExitInsane Flip-OverBack string catch

Nice and easy this. All you have to do is remember to face the diabolo unless you do a trick in which you have to turn your body.

Start up
Place the diabolo on the floor with the string under the axle to the right of your body. With the sticks pull it towards the left. When it is in front of you lift it of the ground. Tug the right handstick up by sharp swift movements of the wrist. This will speed up the diabolo slightly and keep it going.

When the diabolo starts to lose balance don't panic, all you need to do is learn how to correct it. When it starts to tilt towards you (backwards) then whilst accelerating push the right stick forwards to tilt the diabolo forwards again. If it is tilting away from you (forwards) then bring the right stick towards you.

Change of Orientation
If you want to turn the diabolo to give people a better view then make sure the diabolo is spinning fast. Using the bottom part of one of the sticks held parallel and verticle to the diabolo gently push it around.

With the diabolo spinning(of course!) pull the sticks apart quickly to throw the diabolo into the air. Then to catch it keep the string tight and point one of the sticks (usually right) towards the axle of the diabolo. Sometimes it helps to look through th string at the diabolo's axle. When the diabolo hits the string give some slack and you've caught it!

Bring your arms close together and start a big circle with the diabolo with the sticks pointing at it. Do Not cross your arms. If done correctly the string should be crossed over the axle. To get out of this either go into a trick which starts like this or just do another sun in the opposite direction. If you want you can do a sun which finnishes behind you by bending your arms and pointing the sticks behind you as the diabolo comes down. Either trow the diabolo up and catch it in front again or do another sun in the same direction back round to the front. Suns to the back will not cause the string to cross.

Pirouette Sun
Just do a normal sun but turn youre body a full turn as you do the sun. By doing this the string will not cross

Suns to the Side
A bit hard to explain but here goes. Turn your body 90 to the left. Then using just the right stick "push" the diabolo in a sun to your left hand side. The left stick should point outwards and not move much. Then you have to do a sun on your right by again using the right stick to guide the diabolo around. This time the left stick should point inwards. Just remember that the right stick moves and guides the diabolo whilst the left stick corrects it and keeps the string tight.

Sun Exit
This is a great little add on for any trick that finishes with a throw. After the Throw catch the diabolo behind your back and then do a sun back round to the front of your body. You will notice that the strings do not cross from doing the sun.

Around one Arm
Bring the string up and bend your right arm up and to the front. The string should lightly touch your arm near the elbow. With the diabolo on the left jump it over your arm onto the right. Catch it and let the weight of the diabolo pull it under your arm and back to the left. Repeat.

Around one Leg
Step over the string with your right leg. The string should lightly touch the bottom of your leg. Using the left stick jump the diabolo over your leg from left to right. Once you've caught it on the right let it travel under your leg back to the left. Repeat.

Turn your body sideways to the diabolo and wrap the string around the back of your neck. Bounce the diabolo from one side to the other. Make sure the sticks are pointing up.

Around one Foot
Balance on your left leg and bring the string up to the bottom of your right foot. Jump the diabolo over your foot from left to right. Let the diabolo travel under your foot and repeat.

The Flea/String Bounces
Lift the string up above your head for the flea or anywhere for string bounces. Hold the string tight and horizontal. Using your arms and shoulders push the diabolo up slightly to make it bounce. When doing the flea it should do little bounces across the string heading from left to right.

Stick Grinds
Get lots and lots of spin. Roll/Throw the diabolo to land on one of the sticks. Let it grind there for a bit and roll/throw it off again.
If right stick points to the OUTSIDE then the stick must point DOWN.
If right stick points to the INSIDE then the stick must point UP.
When on the LEFT STICK;
If left stick points to the OUTSIDE then the stick must point UP.
If left stick points to the INSIDE then the stick must point DOWN.

Cross Arm Accelerating
Basically if you want to learn how to do tricks you have to learn this one first. This "trick" causes the diabolo to speed up a hell of a lot. All you do is cross and uncross your arms. BUT there is a bit more to it than that. Keep the left stick in the same position and sharply "whip" the diabolo across to the left by moving your right hand and stick under the left and bringing it back again. This should be done quite hard and fast. You will notice that this causes the diabolo to tilt. To correct it cross your right arm in front of the left to tilt the diabolo the other way. This is a very important move and can take quite a bit of practice but eventually you'll just be able to do it. It also should be repeated to make the diabolo spin faster. You'll feel the diabolo vibrate when it is spinning its fastest.

Around the World Stopovers/Trapezes
This is when the Diabolo travels over the right or the left stick and lands back on the string. To get out just reverse the process. There are many combinations to this trick.

Chinese Suicide
Do an around the world stopover/trapeze on the right stick. Then chuck the left stick under the diabolo so it circles around the diabolo and back to your hand. If you want try doing it with more ATWS/Trapezes and letting the stick go around an extra time for each.

Inverse Trapeze
With the right handstick hook the string from the left stick and pull the string back towards the right. Throw the diabolo up the middle of the sticks and catch it on the string and let it travel back over the right handstick.

Wrapped Trapezes
This is just one of the names for doing more than one Trapeze/Around the World Stopovers on the same stick.

Alternating Trapezes
This is doing a Trapeze/AWST on one stick, unwinding it and then doing one on the other stick. This can be combined with other tricks (wrapped Trapezes is a good start).

Stacked Trapezes
This doing a Trapeze over one stick straight into another Trapeze over the other stick. Try and land the first one near to the opposite stick it makes easier.

Insane Flip-Over
Start with a normal Around the World stopover on the right stick. Bring the left stick under the diabolo so it unwinds it and your hands are crossed. Now flip it over the right stick and bring your left hand back to where it was. Simple but looks good.

Back string catch
This is not really a trick in its self but more of an alternative way of getting into tricks. First pop the diabolo up into the air. Then sweep the string coming from the right stick over the axle and under. After doing this the string will be crossed in the same way as if you caught the diabolo cross handed and then you uncross your arms. This means you can now go into tricks like Cats Cradle and Unknown Trick no1 for example.