Hi! Below is some info on us so you know who the hell we are!

Q1: What are your names and nicknames?
I'm Luke and my nickname is Dood
I'm Joe and I have no nickname.

Q2: How old are you?

Q3: Where do you live?
We both live in Derby.

Q4: What are your hobbies?
Luke:Diaboloing, skateboarding, yo-yoing, juggling, rugby, play the keyboard and electric guitar and making internet sites.
Joe:Diaboloing, juggling, devil sticks, plate spinning, skateboarding, play the bass guitar and co-ordinating of web sites.

Q5: How long have you been diaboloing?
Luke:2 years.
Joe:4 years.

Q6: What music do you listen to?
We both listen to various rock, metal, punk, etc.

Q7: Do you invent your own tricks?
Many. Look for ones with insane somewhere in the title or with really daft names.

Q8 :Whats your favourite make of diabolos?
We both reckon Mr Babache diabolos are the best.

Q9: Where do you perform?

Q10: What's favourite tricks?
Luke:Any unusual ones that no-one knows how to do (like my signiture move! known as the Mad Hamster Propeller)
Joe Unknown Trick no:1 (Now on this site) and my signiture move (which I only know how to do HA!)

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