Think you've nailed the basics? Want a new challenge? Just bored so you decided to have a look?
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Around both armsAround Both LegsAround each LegLittle Bridge
ToreadorElevator/LiftCuckoo ClockCats Cradle/CrossSuicideInsane KnotKamikaze SuicideInsane Drop ThroughPropellerInsane-a-cideCrossed-stick GrindWhip CatchTrapeze into Cradle

Around Both Arms
Bring the string up so it touches both of your arms just behind the elbows. Jump the diabolo over both arms from left to right and catch again on the right. Let it travel under your arms on the string back to the left. Repeat.

Around Both Legs
With the string and diabolo behind you lean back slightly and jump the diabolo from left to right over your front and catch it on the right. Let the diabolo travel behind you on the string back to the left. Repeat.

Around Each Leg
Turn body to the right and put left leg over the string. Left stick should be behind your body pointing to the right. Jump the diabolo over your right leg and catch to the front. Then as the diabolo passes back between your legs point the right stick to the left and bring the left stick from behind your back. Jump the diabolo over your left leg back to the front. Catch and continue. It helps if you sway your hips to the side to give the diabolo more room.

Little Bridge
Set up as if you were going to do Around both arms but let the diabolo bounce from the left to the middle (in between your arms) to the right and then let it travel under your arms or bounce it back the other way.

With your Left arm and stick behind your back and the diabolo on your right side jump it up above your head. Bring your left arm from behind your back and replace it with your right arm. Catch the diabolo to your left. Chuck it back up, catch in the first position and repeat.

Get the diabolo spinning fast ad turn to the side but keep the diabolo in front of you. Lift your left hand up above your head and wrap the string around the axle of the diabolo with the right stick. It should go above the diabolo and then back under. Pull gently down and the diabolo will climb the string. Flip the diabolo over the top of the left stick and give it some slack to catch the diabolo. This one can be hard to learn at first.

Cuckoo Clock
This one is hard to explain so I've done it in steps.
  1. Turn both sticks to point inwards. They should be parallel to each other and the floor. Bring the right stick above the left stick and down the other side to about halfway down the strings.
  2. Push the right stick forwards and up. Bring the left left stick backwards and down if needed.
  3. You Should create a triangle like shape through which the diabolo swings. The right stick should be above the left.
  4. Just unwind it all to get out.

Cats Cradle/Cross
Agaain I'll use steps to describe the trick.
  1. Throw the diabolo up and catch it with your arms crossed (left over right).
  2. Uncross your arms right under left stick and catch the string on the right stick.
  3. With the left stick hook the string attatched the right stick and pull both sticks apart and point them up. You should now have a cross between the two sticks with the diabolo hanging below.
  4. Tilt the sticks slightly forwards and pop the diabolo up.Catch it on the cross.
  5. Point both sticks down and let the string drop off.
Not too hard this un but looks good. The hardest part is getting the swing right so the diabolo doesn't fall off the string (you'll see). Now then to do it go to do an Around the World Stopover/Trapeze but before it lands on the string chuck the left stick (asuming your doing the move over the right stick) across so it circles around the diabolo. Then catch it again.

Insane Knot
First do an Inverse Trapeze. Then go to do another one but miss the string so the diabolo goes in front of it and over the right stick. swing it back and land it in a normal trapeze/Around the World Stopover position. Chuck the diabolo up pointing the sticks up slightly and the diabolo will release itself off the strings. Then just catch it as normal.

Kamikaze Suicide
Swing the diabolo to your left and cross your right hand under your left arm. Let go of the right stick so it circles round and catch it again in the right hand with your arms uncrossed again.

Insane Drop Through
This trick makes it look like you've totally knotted up the string but then you somehow unknot it. First do an Inverse Trapeze over one of the sticks and then do a normal Trapeze/Around the World Stopover on the opposite stick. Point both sticks down and pull them apart sharply. It will either all undo or look knotted. If it looks knotted just pull on the sticks a few times to unknot it.

First do an Inverse Trapeze on the right stick. Now let go of the right stick so it travels around the diabolo. Catch the stick again afterwards. Now try it with two Inverse Trapezes.

First do an inverse trapeze. Then let go of the left stick so it is hanging down by the diabolo. Now flip the whole thing over the right stick (swing it to the left and over to the right) either once or twice. Now's the hard bit. Stop the diabolo from going over again but let the left stick continue round once more (this unwinds the trapeze) catch the stick in your left hand again and seperate your hands. The string should be open on the diabolo (not wrppaed round the axle or crossed). This can take a couple a times before you get used to stopping the diabolo going over and just the stick.

Crossed-stick Grind
Sounds easy but can be a bit tricky. First cuck the diabolo up, not too high about head hight should be fine. Then quickly cross your sticks so that they form a X . Catch the diabolo on this and let it grind for as long as you can and then throw it up again and catch back on the string. Or bounce it up and down on the sticks which is harder.

Whip Catch
This is the most cool way of finishing. At first you wont believe it is possible but after only a few attempts you'll be nailing it every time. Chuck the diabolo up any way you want (we reckon it is best to do it after a knot or other trick you can throw the diabolo up afterwards). Then take both sticks in one hand and make sure the string isn't twisted or anything. Turn your body to the side and as the diabolo comes back down whip it with the string and keep your arm at full length. The string should loop over one side of the diabolo and the axle but don't worry about this just aim at the diabolo and whip. Before you know it you'll do it every time and you still wont know how!

Trapeze to cradle
First do a normal AWSO/Trapeze. Now hook the left stick between the strings that are in a loop around the right stick. Pull one of the strings back to the left. chuck the diabolo up and catch it on the newly formed cross.

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