These tricks are for people who thought they were good. These tricks will make you wonder why you started dioboloing. These tricks will make Cats cradle look as easy breathing. GOOD LUCK!!!

Omega Flipside Genocide! Smoking JoeFull Suicide/DuicideGenocideNow ON!! Two DiabolosOmegaUnknown Trick no1Coming soon - More Unknown tricks and other stuff!!

This is the mother of all suicides. WARNING: go outside to a big wide open space when doing this trick.
Ok here goes... Start in a cross hand position. Pull up and out slightly to send the diabolo up. Let go of the right stick and let it swing a full circle. Without catching it let it start another circle but this time "catch" the diabolo on the string. As the diabolo comes flying down towards you catch the right stick in your right hand with your arms uncrossed. There you've done it!!

Omega Flipside Genocide
Okay. You learnt how to do Genocides and now you think you can accomplish anything. Think again. This trick is a much harder variant of the genocide. It works the same as a normal genocide except finishes with a behind the back suicide release of the left stick. In case you don't know what that means here it is explained. Instead of catchting the right stick in front of you catch it behind your back instead. Now imediately after that release the left stick and swing it round in a big circle. Catch it back in front of you (obviously the diabolo will be on the string all the time).
ONCE you've learnt it this way (after a few years!!) you could try and do an omega duicide flipside genocide. This means you let go of both sticks and catch them in front of you!!!!

Full suicide/Duicide
Okay if you can't do a suicide or you don't know what that is click here. Basically to do a Full suicide/Duicide let go of BOTH sticks so they do a full circle and catch them again. I can't give you much advice on this one just experiment till you've cracked it.

Smoking Joe
Turn your sticks so they point inwards.Left hand passese above right stick and pulls down (towards your body), halfway between the stick and the diabolo. Push on the string and swing the right hand backwards. Let go of the right hand stick which will get caught between the string and the left hand stick. Tap the top of the right handstick which will then swing round towards the left and under the diabolo. Then catch in your right hand. Do a sun to the right.

This is a cool looking trick. Catch the diabolo behind your back and then swing it to the right. Let go ff the left stick so it does a full circle and catch it again in front of you. This is the same as doing a normal suicide from behind you.

Unknown Trick no1
First chuck the diabolo up and catch it cross handed. Then do the Cuckoo Clock in reverse (like the start of Smoking Joe) but continue it so the diabolo is hanging below the two sticks. Then let go of the bottom stick (left stick). Turn the whole thing around so you can hold the right stick in the left hand and then hold the left stick in the right hand. Unwind it all.

Two Diabolos
The easiest way to start is to get someone to chuck a spinning diabolo from the left of you onto the right side of the string. This causes the diabolos to orbit around each other. To get them to keep going you make the same movement as you would in any orbit (like around your leg).
This takes a lot of practice to do.